Saas Success, Unicorn Developers and Billionaire Secrets, with Nitin Chhoda

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“I went up to him and I said, how do you go from 10 million, 200 million? And remember, I’m asking this to a guy who’s worth $3.3 billion, right? Is that, how do you go from 10 million to a hundred million? So he looked at me and he goes, listen, you’re asking the wrong question.” – Nitin Chhoda

Nitin Chhoda talks with Roland Frasier about his journey so far as an Entrepreneur. Nitin founded InTouch less than five years ago, a growing software company that serves as an engine for over 1500 Physical Therapy practices.

Entrepreneurs of all kinds will appreciate Nitin’s take on a relational versus transactional way of doing business, working with teams oversees AND, listen through to the end for some priceless advice a Multi-Billionaire passed on to Nitin. Plus, If you’re considering a software business or project, glean from Chhoda’s expertise as he shares his mistakes, advice, and insight with Roland.

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PULLED QUOTES from this video

“I intuitively knew that I would stagnate if I didn’t surround myself with people that were smarter than me. I’m a big fan of watching and learning, and absorb things like a sponge…I wanted to feel like an insider. Peel back the layers of the onion. And you’ve got to pay to play.”

“The right developer in Software is like a Unicorn. Not only because of the way they code but because of the way they think. One unicorn is better than having five average developers. They are four moves ahead.”

“I think that the owner who drives the vision should work with the developer who amplifies the vision. A project manager is like a third wheel that’s needed when you get to a certain scale.”

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