Sabri Suby: Sell Like Crazy (sales funnel) Review, does he himself know marketing?

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Update: 23 Dec 2019, am still struggling with their support (same automated emails again n again), never received the book or refund (will keep you updated).

This is my personal review on the “Sales Funnel” which was created by Sabri Suby to sell his book “Sell Like Crazy”, (which I bought 3 months ago) his company automated most of the buying & shipping process losing human touch (never received the book in 3 months), and then I received an email from “Sabri Suby” asking for a review on the book, so I took some time and efforts and created one.

*This is my personal experience, I am sharing it. (it happens).

*Sabri Suby is doing great work and I respect him, I follow his blogs and content regularly. (he is good at what he does).

[Operations is a different ball game all together]

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