Sales BQ® CEO, Mary Grothe, explains “who we work with”!

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As a CEO or VP, are you too heavily involved in your company’s sales & marketing process and still not achieving the revenue you want? Whether you’re jumping in to sell the product or service yourself or are stuck managing a non-performing team, you need help driving revenue growth. You may have poured thousands of dollars into fixing this problem but have yet to see results.

We solve your revenue problems, holistically. Not silo-focused on marketing or sales. We believe in building inbound marketing funnels full of qualified leads, through targeted automation, and saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars on wasted hours of expensive salespeople and their “prospecting efforts”. Quit trying to hire sales unicorns, they don’t exist. You need a revenue engine.

Fill the funnel, train reps to qualify and close. This fuels BQ, the behavioral quotient. BQ is the conscious decision to show up and perform every day at the highest ability. BQ is negatively impacted by lack of infrastructure, clunky internal processes, mixed messages from management, lack of a high-performing culture, and manual work (that could be automated).

As an outsourced RevOps firm, we’re a team of VPs of Sales, Sales Ops, & CMOs who profitably rebuild sales, marketing, and customer success departments. Every client engagement is custom built with our focus on driving revenue growth through 3 phases, rebuilding infrastructure, recruiting top talent, and leading your team from a Chief Revenue Officer perspective for 6-12 months to ensure the ROI is achieved. Our work includes audits, gap analyses, and numerous deliverables including a Revenue Playbook, comp modeling, & inbound automation.

In the last year, we served 50 companies in 20 states, grew their revenue over 185% YoY (5 clients doubled revenues, 1 client tripled), helped recruit 58 reps and managers, 71% crushed their quota (against an industry average of 54%), and trained 450+ people.

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