Sales delegation, workload, and client retention: Agency Office Hours Q&A with Karl Sakas

Get agency advice on business development, scaling, profitability, and more in the February 2022 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click the link below to “jump” directly to the Q&A segment:

PRICING: “How can we find our pricing ‘sweet spot’?” [starting at 5:06]
SALES DELEGATION: “How can agency owners become less involved in the sales process?” [starting at 9:50]
COMMUNITY SUPPORT: “How can we help those who can’t afford our higher-end services?” [starting at 13:49]
WORKLOAD: “How are agencies handling 4-day workweeks?” [starting at 16:43]
CLIENT RETENTION: “How can we retain clients longer?” [starting at 29:05] (thanks to today’s sponsor, HighLevel)
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: “Does cold calling work for agencies today?” [starting at 39:53]
OUTSOURCING: “Should we outsource our sales outreach process?” [starting at 41:04]
LEAD-GEN: “How can we attract leads via paid media?” [starting at 43:51]
AGENCY GROWTH: “What is a realistic annual revenue growth rate for agencies?” [starting at 50:14]
NUMBER OF CLIENTS: “How many active clients should our agency have?” [starting at 51:51]
DIFFERENTIATION: “How can we stand out to sales prospects?” [starting at 54:04]

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Top resources from the live event:

1. Ready to improve your quality of life? Improve your spot on the Day-to-Day Involvement Meter!
2. What’s a normal agency workload? (and how to *finallyget your schedule under control)
3. Double-check your target market: Are your best clients the ones you expect?
4. Pre-qualify your agency’s sales prospects with a survey… before you get on the phone.
5. Be sure you aren’t trying to grow faster than your Values, Goals, and Resources (VGR) reflect. /

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