Sales Funnel 101 LinkedIn Live Event

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This was a LinkedIn Live event held on Thursday 21st August 2022. Here is part of the transcript of the event:

All right, welcome, everybody, since we’re gonna basically go over sales funnels the basics, I’ve been doing sales funnels for a while. And next week, we’re going to switch the topic to auto responders, because part of the sales funnel is, once you get enough people, you need to automate the follow up and everything. So I’m going to do a little more detailed on parts of the sales funnel. But this is going to be the high level picture of the sales funnel. And I’m just going to go through everything and then we’re going to have a q&a, I got a question in advance, I removed his name for privacy, Chris. And it’s basically the, you know, getting some people to the entrance of the sales funnel. So once I’ve gone through the basics, and explain everything on how the sales funnel is structured, which elements you need to have, so you can convert, I’m going to give you some examples of how to actually get traffic to it. So this is going to be a high level sales funnel in depth training. To get you started, if you put all these elements in place in play, it’s going to work also going to show you if you’re not technical how to do it, and how to do it efficiently without you know, breaking the bank and everything. Alright, so the one thing that one on one, you know, I go to a lot of these seminars, trainings, I read a lot of books, what I’ve learned over the last 10 years is very small improvements are going to give you really great results. And that’s really, if you can get one or two things that you can plug in that you can implement, it’s worth spending the time here with me. And I’m really going to try to deliver that because I value your time. And really what I’m also going to try to explain to you that through trial and error, I’ve kind of learned what makes your prospect the person who’s looking at, you know, any element of your sales funnel, it could be or social media posts, or could be your video could be your email that you send out, it could be anything, you know, what’s going to make them take action, because very, very few people take action. So I want to address that as well. And also, I’ll explain how to get the recording of this, there is a free bonus I came up with. And it’s going to be at the end of this training or the video if you’re watching this later after the event. And I’ll have this posted tomorrow. So to get the recording, there was a registration that LinkedIn did. And what I normally do is just email everybody or message everybody. So if you don’t get that write down my email is Dan at monthly Or you can message me on LinkedIn, I do check at least once a day. So you should get by the next working day. If you don’t get an answer from me with the recording. Just contact me again, but maybe got lost in the spam message on LinkedIn doesn’t get lost in spam. I answer every single one that is 100%. foolproof, and we’re gonna do q&a At the end. I want to start with that answer that for Chris, because he sent it that sent out yesterday, when I do the next event on auto responders, you and I do a lot of these. And I’ve actually I’m talking to a very big expert, published author. And hopefully she will be one of my first speakers, I’m planning to interview people. And then we can focus on having other experts kind of teach us and we can all mastermind and loop learn together. So if you are an expert watching this, and you want me to interview you, and then you can be the expert here or do your presentation, let me know I’m looking to kind of learn from, you know, me and everybody else. But anyway, the next one will be auto responders and just get on the list on monthly There’s alerts, put your name in there and start emailing people before next events. Actually, you know what I’m going to skip about me other than I’m not very good at spelling.

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