SALES FUNNEL copywriting for beginners!

SALES FUNNEL copywriting for beginners. You’re a copywriter or ecommerce business owner who wants to learn sales funnel copywriting, and sales funnel common mistakes. WATCH THIS to learn how to write a sales funnels for shopify store. Plus you’re going to get an EASY sales funnel template for shopify. Or you need to learn how to improve sales funnels for your next copywriting client project. Learning why sales funnels are not working is a KEY part of mastering sales funnel copywriting. In this video you’ll learn 3 common myths in sales funnels that are killing conversions, learn how to avoid these sales funnel common mistakes, and get an simple sales funnel template for shopify stores – or your next copywriting client project! (Plus learn 2021 and beyond sales funnel strategy for shopify stores and “Thought Leader” businesses like coaches/consultants/authors/speakers.)

If you’re a business owner, or a beginner copywriter then sales funnel sales funnel copywriting for shopify, writing a coaching sales funnel, or writing a launch sales funnel for the first time can feel really intimidating. By the end of this video I’m going to show you my step-by-step copywriting method so you’ll know how to write a sales funnels for shopify stores, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, dropshipping, and any other kind of ecommerce product or selling products online.

The first step to mastering sales funnel copywriting shopify, “thought leaders” like coaching and speaking sales funnels, and ecommerce or dropshipping sales funnels to avoid the 3 common myths in sales funnels.

The 3 common myths in sales funnels are:

Sales funnel common mistake #1: You don’t have to be a good writer. YES you don’t have to be a good writer to make great sales funnels. Only thing that you need to keep in mind is to avoid jargon words and keep it simple while making your sales funnel. We need to write a simple & clear call to action so that the reader knows what to do.

Sales funnel common mistake #2: “You have to be a writer.” We are not writers, We are SALES people. We don’t have to create art or entertainment. We just have to create copywriting that sells.

Sales funnel common mistake #3: Trying to BE THE HERO. I have seen many people doing this from online sales gurus to my own clients. It’s called Me-syndrome. Let me give you an example,

– Who founded the company?
– What problem does our company solve?
– Why was our company started?
– What are our core values?
– Who is our ideal customer?

Did you notice something similar in these sentences? That’s right, They are only talking about themselves instead of talking about their consumers. So many people try to be heroes but You need to make the consumer the hero of your story and you’ve to become a Guide for the Hero.

In theory Sales funnels go down like slides but in reality sales funnels feel more like mountains. You have to guide your customers to Top through your sales funnel.

In this video, I will explain step by step How you can guide your customers to the top of the mountain.

All that & more on this episode of The Marketing Nerd Show w Jamie Doerschuck “The Marketing Nerd!”

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