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Sales Funnel – how to create sales funnel and sales funnel marketing – Tuthowto

A sales funnel is a sales process that you take your prospects through. Your customers always start as individuals
who are unaware that you even exist, and the very start of your funnel is you introducing them to your brand. The
end of the funnel is your most wholesome offering. All of the emails within your drip campaign should lead people
further down your funnel. But what are the different levels of a sales process, and how do you incorporate this
into your email drip campaigns? As you can see in this example, here is a simple demonstration of what a sales
funnel looks like.

The very first stage up here is the awareness stage. This is you letting people know, and
introducing your company, your brand, to them. Once they are aware that you exist, the next stage in the funnel is
them becoming a lead. This is them departing with their data, and giving you access to them. So they may not have
actually made a purchase from your company yet, but they know you exist and you can communicate to them on this

As they go deeper with you, they become a customer. So they purchase one of your main, core, products. And
then, deeper than that, they become an advocate for your business and your brand. These are your most valued
customers. These are people who are not just consuming your products or services, but they’re telling people about
what you do as well, and helping you to grow your company.

Landing pages act as a bridge between one stage in your sales funnel and the next. Your landing pages should assist
your prospects in taking the next step in your sales process, whether that be leaving their data with you, making a
purchase, or simply providing them with additional resources and information. Let’s take a look at some of the additional landing pages that you will be using to help you to build your database and lead your prospects along your sales funnel. So some of the types of landing pages include an opt-in page, a sales page, a thank-you page, and a content page.

Including great content within your email drip campaigns helps to establish trust between your
company and your database. Content can also be used to help draw your prospective customers closer to a buying
decision. But how do you deliver content via your email drip campaigns in a way that both establishes trust and
helps to sell your products and services moving your prospects further down your sales funnel? When creating content
for your emails, your content should educate, entertain, and/or inspire, establish trust, and also bring your
prospects closer to a buying decision. But how do you do all of these things at the same time? I had a problem with
my database. I wanted to educate my prospects but sell at the same time so I started to use what I like to call
edusale pages.

Not everybody who comes to your website is going to leave their information with you the very first
time they visit your site. Likewise, not everyone who is on your database is going to engage with your emails.
Retargeting is a great way for you to re market to those who have not given you their data or who have not made the
decision to take this next step in your sales funnel.

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