Sales funnel secrets for filling your online course | Fullscript Webinar

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Online courses and workshops are the fastest rising approach for functional medicine professionals to serve a hungry audience. Now, more than ever, people are focused on health and wellness and doing what they can to be their best selves. It’s imperative to know how to reach these people and move them from your initial connection to becoming a paid participant in your classes or home study programs.
This webinar will reveal the secrets of creating a successful and lucrative sales funnel that entices your audience to make the purchase and become repeat buyers.
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
How to turn your expertise into exponential income through leveraged and passive offers
How to design a sales funnel so that your prospects are effortlessly guided from finding you to buying from you
The advantages and differences between an open enrolment course and an evergreen product
Two key incentives that get people to “buy now”
How to be paid in advance to create your passive income product

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