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Sales Funnel Stages – Discover The 7 Sales Process Steps Of A High Converting Marketing Funnel

In this video you will be shown step by step sales funnel stages that have resulted in millions in revenue for the companies that have implemented it. The sales process stages revealed in this video is the difference between a six-figure, seven-figures and eight figure business. The main difference in a successful sequence of sales pipeline stages is more than likely not what you have been led to believe. It’s not determined by the products you sell in the sales funnel steps, the type of business you are in, the traffic or a product launch method. It comes down to whether you understand the marketing funnel stages and successfully monetize the different points along the sales cycle stages. As I describe the stages of the sale process you may see where the weak point is in your current marketing funnel.

The first of the digital marketing funnel stages is to decipher traffic temperature. This is how warm a prospect is to you and your product. You must meet your prospect wherever they are at in this sales pipeline stages example and take them across the relevant bridge to your offer. Where is your prospect on the product awareness continuum? Are they product aware, desire aware or problem aware? Hot traffic in the sales process steps is people who already know who you are, and they trust you. You have invested time in building a relationship with this audience and they are very open to buying your offers. For b2b sales funnel stages the same concepts apply.

Warm traffic consists of people who don’t know you but have a relationship with someone you know. A good example would be joint venture partnerships. These are not the typical sales pipeline stages you may have seen in the past. Cold traffic is made up of people who have no idea who you are and know nothing of hat you offer. Each of these different types of prospect need to come across a different bridge that pre-frames them before they hit your landing page and you qualify subscribers. In case you are wondering these 7 phases are relevant and applicable to saas sales pipeline stages also.

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Sales Funnel Stages – Discover The 7 Stages Of Sales Process To Create An Effective Marketing Funnel:

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