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About the Video

Hey! Beautiful people

Being a freelancer is a tough job but this profile indeed is a high-income skill now & in 2022.

But to ignite these freelancing skills you need a designed framework to flourish them properly.

I know that the eagerness to be useful and the tenacity to constantly create content is good enough but, never underestimate the power of a strong sales funnel strategy.

So now what’s the strategy?

Find out in the video & implement it asap to learn the highest paying freelancer skills.


0: 00 | Introduction
1: 18 | Mistakes that Freelancers Do
1: 47 | Stages of Funnel
2: 20 | Awareness Phase
3: 09 | Consideration Phase
4: 00 | Conversion Phase
4: 24 | Delight Phase
5: 10 | How to Generate Sales?
7: 37 | Biggest Mistakes That People Do
8: 30 | Bottom Of The Funnel
12: 41 | Middle Of The Funnel
13: 14 | Top Of The Funnel
14: 47 | How to Attract High-Ticket Clients?

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