Sales Funnel- The Most Effective Sales Funnel Building Strategy

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Sales Funnel- The Most Effective Sales Funnel Building Strategy
Everyone talks about it: “Sales funnel”. What is a sales funnel? Why are all the marketing gurus talking about it?
Every time they introduce sales methods, business development, product sales, they refer to the sales funnel… But how to build an effective sales funnel for your business? This is not something everyone can teach you. In this chapter you will learn how to do it.
Then we were introduced to Internet Marketing, and Started building the first website, attracting potential customers and then calling them to sell. But, the cost of advertising Facebook, and Google is increasing day by day, we no longer have enough money to pay for advertising and run the company. That was really bad. If you’re as dependent on Facebook ads as we were, you’ll understand.
If You Only Advertise Your Product for Sale Right Now, You’ll Be Clearing Your Pockets Soon. Using a Sales Funnel is a Smarter Way.
1. What is a Sales Funnel?
A sales funnel is a multi-step marketing campaign. Each step in the sales funnel is designed to move the customer through the next step. The ultimate goal of the sales funnel is: to make a sale.
Sales funnel will appear in 4 stages: Tracking, evaluating, converting, expanding of the customer journey.
Breaking down your customer’s buying journey, you’ll be more precise about how and when you make your offer.
Think about ordering at KFC, if you order fried chicken thighs, they will ask if you want fries. They will then ask if you have soft drinks. All offers are really a series of offers designed to add value per transaction.
Now, before diving deeper into the modern sales funnel, I want to tell you: The concept of a sales funnel has been around for a very long time and is being applied to many businesses, and even your own business…
2. How Online Sales Funnel Works
Online sales funnel is the new era of digital marketing, no matter what industry you are in. Not only does it follow the customer journey, but it can automate sales processes in the Internet world. And it gives you better results and better control. The great thing about an online sales funnel is that you can move potential customers through each subsequent website, instead of depending on a single website to sell.
By moving them through each site, You can ensure that they are fully equipped with everything about the offer, before being moved to the next page. It’s called: pre-frame – set up a frame of mind for them about the next thing they get. And that is the most important part of the sales funnel.
On each page, your job is to create interest, excitement and make them move to the next page…The way the sales funnel is incorporated throughout the entire customer journey is described as follows:
Suppose a potential customer sees your ad, they begin to notice. Then they read blog posts or watch videos, they get educated. Then you give them a gift, they leave you tracking information. This is the first step in the sales funnel. Then they evaluate and make a purchase decision, and then they buy more. Those are the steps in the sales funnel. Here is an extremely simple example of a 3-step sales funnel to attract leads.
• In step 1, they made an offer “free information”.
• In step 2, the potential customer clicks the “receive document” button, which will be taken to a form to fill out information.
• In step 3, after they fill in the information, they will be taken to a thank you page and make a follow-up call.
With just those 3 steps, fast leads will be quickly moved from awareness to purchase conversion on the customer journey.
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