Sales Funnels for Beginners: How To Build A Sales Funnel & Increase Profits

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Sales funnels, Click Funnels, Ad Funnels, Inbound Marketing Funnels … What is this stuff and why do you need it?

The answer can be quite confusing, because people use the word “funnel” in too many ways.

Some people use the word “funnel” to refer to their website, or a set of landing pages.

Some people use the word “funnel” to describe their strategy to increase email opt-ins.

And others, don’t use the word “funnel” at all, because they don’t have one.

Regardless of where you currently sit, the marketing industry has complicated the use of the term “funnel” and that is why we are creating this episode to simplify sales funnels for beginners.

Video Outline

Intro: (00: 00)
What Are Sales Funnels?: (3: 06)
A Sales Funnel That Converted Sherman: (5: 26)
Steps Inside Of A Sales Funnel: (8: 18)
Different Types Of Sales Funnels: (10: 45)
What You Need In Order To Start Building Your Sales Funnel: (15: 20)
Conclusion: (16: 40)

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