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Digital transformation means delivering your customers the applications, services, and data they need, in real-time and at their fingertips. Today, businesses of all sizes are relying more and more on customer portals and web applications to deliver a self-serve and modernized customer experience. But building digital platforms is challenging and often requires coding and platform expertise that is out of reach of most internal teams.

In this month’s 1Path Cardinal Points Webinar, learn how to integrate business data, web applications, and CRM platforms to transform your customer experience. 1Path client, I.S. Dunklin, Director of Data Analytics and Research at Chartwell, Inc. will be on hand to share his company’s first-hand experience of working with 1Path on their digital transformation journey.

In this session, you will learn:

– How to integrate data, analytics, and CRM platforms for a superior customer experience
– Why self-serve portals and web applications help companies scale and better serve customers
– How 1Path delivers customized web applications and self-serve portals for their clients

Our panel of experts also includes 1Path’s Chris Risher, Sr. Program Manager, and Julie Holmes, Web & Digital Marketing Coordinator, and host Ted Hulsy, CEO of IronPath.

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