Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning – Learn Customer Analytics

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What is segmentation, targeting and positioning? Learn customer analytics, data science, and how the two work together!

Leading companies are always on the lookout for savvy data scientists to join their fast-growing Customers Analytics teams. In that sense, considering a career as a data scientist in customer analytics is a super smart choice. But here’s why exactly:

First, companies need people who know how to use data to understand their customers’ needs. Once they understand their needs, they can provide the products customers want to buy.

Second – and that’s a bit more technical – companies need people who have the skills to build the analytics capabilities that will help them provide these innovative customer experiences.

In these videos, we’ll be focusing on the customer part of customers analytics. Why? Because even if you know how to do the technical analyses well, unless you understand the customer, you won’t be able to meaningfully help your company. So let’s build those foundations!

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