Selling marketing funnels – How to increase your funnel prices from $500 to $10000

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When we start selling marketing funnels, we’ll often fall into the trap of pricing too low. But when we realise that we need to increase our prices, it can seem like a huge jump.

In this video, I’m going to help you work out how to increase your prices from $500 per funnel, to $10 000 per funnel. Or, how to 10x, 25x or even 50x your prices.

When you work out your prices for everything you’re delivering, and it’s been $1000 for the last customer, it can be very hard justifying a 50X price for the exact same product.

The most important part to remember, is that your customer won’t know exactly what the last person paid. They’ll assume that everyone pays that price.

If you’re working with a $1000 customer, chances are their network are also $1000 customers. Which is why you need to move out of that low level network, into higher budget network.

Jumping up to a $25000 level isn’t that hard when you think about your experience, knowledge, hosting, plugins, design, building and everything else that goes into a funnel.

You probably already are delivering a $10k project or $25k project. You’d be surprised what we charge $25k for!

We also only specifically work with a target market. The market we go after is more comfortable with our prices.

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