Session 3: Money, Marketing & Mindset BOOST 5-Day Masterclass for aspiring Thought Leaders

This is session 3 of our 5-day Masterclass.

In Session 1: we covered Common Money, Marketing & Mindset Mistakes that can cripple your business growth and prevent you from becoming a sought-after Authority in your Industry.

In Session 2 , we covered Money BOOST: The System & Model that’ll take you from Underpaid Commodity to Highly Paid Authority

In this session 3 I’m sharing a Marketing BOOST: Must-Do Strategies to Stand Out, Be Heard AND Become an Industry Thought Leader


Session 4: Mindset BOOST: 3 Crucial Shifts to go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) to finally have the business, lifestyle AND freedom you’ve been working SO hard for!

Session 5: Putting it ALL Together for Sustainable & Scalable Business Growth

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