Slybroadcast vs Go Highlevel

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In this video I go over when it makes sense to use Slybroadcast and when it makes sense to use a software like Go Highlevel.

Both are very good softwares, it all depends on your needs. One thing I like about Slybroadcast is that they will not charge you for messages not delivered. (this may be the case with Go Highlevel as well but I’m not sure)

However I have had more success using voicemail drops via Go High Level, I would only recommend it for those who have a need for a CRM to manage their prospects.

Chances are you do need a CRM to keep organized and reach out to prospects multiple different ways in order to get the most amount of appointments out of your leads.

Obviously for my needs I like Go High Level but everyone is in a different situation and Slybroadcast is a great stepping stone in my opinion for voicemail drops.

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