Smart choice to use CJ as your Clickfunnels supplier, because Aliexpress shipping is Fake!

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Aliexpress shipping cost is fake, the vendors added the shipping to the products cost.

Shipping cost = Registered Fee + Cost per Weight

As you can see, when you deliver a product domestically, the shipping cost should base on the weight! On Aliexpress, most vendors just define the shipping cost by free, $1 or $2.3 even ship a drone which is heavier to 2kg. You should think about this, why? It can not be true. Because $1 or $2.3 is only a registration fee, and vendors add the Cost per Weight to the products price.

That is should know about this, and be clear on this.

When combining orders, actually the shipping company charge an only one-time registration fee. But in Aliexpress, they will charge twice! You can tell this by increasing the products quantity, and even it is free shipping, actually, it charged twice inside the product price. In CJ, we are transparent to customers, when you increase the products quantity, the total price or shipping price will not be twice.
Some drop shippers will not care about the registration fee difference because they are selling something very expensive or products weight is pretty heavy. But it will be costly once you are selling some products lighter just like jewelry or a T-shirt etc. Also, why not save cost in a simple way even it is $1 or $1.6?

You just need to check the total drop shipping amount, moreover, increase the product quantity by more than 2. The more you are adding, and the cheaper CJ will be.

Anyway, CJ is telling you the real parts of drop shipping, and determine to create a new drop shipping world.

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