SMTP Clickfunnels Setup – Step By Step Clickfunnels Tutorial

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Learn How To Accomplish Your SMTP Clickfunnels Setup In Less Than 10 Minutes Using Mailgun!

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In case you are wondering why we are integrating Mailgun in this Clickfunnels tutorial and why we do not integrate Sendgrid with Clickfunnels? Because Mailgun offers you 10,000 emails for FREE every month permanently, and Sendgrid does NOT!

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1️⃣ 00: 58 Head to Mailgun 👉 and start the Mailgun sign up process as shown in the video!

2️⃣ 01: 51 Create your Mailgun domain and copy the DNS entries provided by Mailgun into your domain registrars DNS management for your domain to continue with the Clickfunnels SMTP setup.

3️⃣ 02: 48 Pick SMTP within Mailgun as your preferred method of integration and add the credentials provided by Mailgun in your Clickfunnels account by going to your Account Settings – Outgoing SMTP – Setup Email Sending.

4️⃣ 04: 36 Head to your inbox, which in my case is at Google Mail, and click on the link sent to you by Mailgun to confirm your Mailgun SMTP account! Mailgun is going to require a valid mobile phone number to conclude the verification process of your Mailgun account and to be able to use it as your SMTP within Clickfunnels.

5️⃣ 05: 18 Within the Clickfunnels SMTP integration page, click again on “Save SMTP Setting”, to finish your Clickfunnels SMTP setup.

If you have any issues with your Mailgun Clickfunnels SMTP setup, feel free to reach out in the comments below!

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