Social Media Scheduler DEMO with Shaun Clark, Co-Founder of HighLevel

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Are you tired of spending 20, 50, or 100+ bucks per month on a social media scheduler? Amazing news for you, the social media scheduling feature is NOW LIVE on all HighLevel plans! Shaun Clark, co-founder of HighLevel, will give us an exclusive demo in this interview!

0: 00 Introduction
01: 10 Common Problems with Social Media Management
03: 41 Solutions offered by a Social Media Posting Platform
05: 20 Demo
08: 00 Q&A: Do you support multiple location posting to GMB?
08: 39 Q&A: Timeframe for Linkedin now that this has been live?
09: 24 Q&A: I`ve had trouble connecting a GBP account because it`s not showing up in the list of accounts I can manage
10: 20 Q&A: Posting for FB and GMB has all worked great!
10: 43 Q&A: How are going to do an approval process?
12: 00 Q&A: Any updates for Whatsapp?
13: 29 Q&A: Is there a file feature?
17: 21 Q&A: Do you have to have a minimum amount of followers to post on IG?
17: 58 Q&A: Can you trigger a social post from a workflow?
18: 21 Q2 Rundown
20: 16 Q&A: Canva integration?
23: 55 Q&A: Use case for workflow
25: 43 Q&A: Will the new social networks automatically roll out to sub-accounts or will this need to be added from agency level?
27: 20 Q&A Any solution for creating a logo, especially with Canva integration?

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