Social Proof Pop Ups with Morevago on ClickFunnels

Get Your Free 14 Day Trial Of ClickFunnels Here!! Social Proof Pop Ups with Morevago on ClickFunnels

There are a few different plugins that will show social proof. Recent purchases, and reviews.

My friend recommended Morevago

1. Due to the price is a lot more cost effective.

2. You can put in reviews not just someone opted in. It has actual reviews you can gather and show on your website, sales pages, optin pages or any page you want to add some social proof on.

3. It’s easy to do and in this video I show you how to Install Morevago. You can easily Install Morevago on your website, wordpress site or even ClickFunnels.

If you can cut and paste you can Install Morevago and have reviews on your site in minutes.

Matt Staton the creator is awesome and he responded to my questions super quick.

There is also a Facebook group for Morevago and you can also become an affiliate like myself and get your cost back by sharing the plugin.

If you found this video valuable please grab it using my link

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