SQL Stored Procedures – What They Are, Best Practices, Security, and More…

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Microsoft SQL can be confusing. There are a TON of features, options, and settings to consider when attempting to use it. One of my favorite features is stored procedures. These pre-compiled queries allow you to safely and securely access and modify data. In this video, you will learn the basics of how to build a stored procedure, as well as what the benefits and drawbacks of stored procedures are. You will also learn some best practices, including how to secure your entire database in just a few simple commands.

Thanks to Ralfs HBK for timestamping the video:
0: 00 – Intro
1: 12 – Demo Data Base overview
2: 00 – Creating new stored procedure
7: 35 – Calling the stored procedure
10: 11 – Changing existing stored procedure
11: 12 – Stored procedure with variables
16: 51 – Stored procedures: Recap
19: 54 – Benefits of stored procedures: Security
22: 57 – DB security: Users and Roles
32: 49 – Other benefits of stored procedures
34: 18 – Drawbacks: No source control
37: 36 – Drawbacks: Business logic in DB
41: 48 – Drawbacks: Using Entity Framework
43: 26 – Summary and concluding remarks

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