Square VS Stripe: Which Is Better For Online Payments?

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Spend a little bit of time reading up on Stripe and Square, and you’ll start to see the similarities. They’re both giants in the payments industry, media darlings that have transformed the way people pay for things as well as the way merchants accept payments. They’re both on the leading edge of technology and rely heavily on machine learning to drive their payment processing systems.

Most importantly, both Square and Stripe offer huge assortments of commerce tools that make it easy for merchants to run their businesses. With the various APIs and integrations available, plus support for in-person, online, and even in-app payments, there are almost limitless possibilities for creating a custom system with everything from invoicing to email marketing and more.

In today’s video we’ll compare Square and Stripe to find out who comes out on-top.

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2. Full review of Square:

3. Full review of Stripe:
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