Startup accelerator program Q&A/AMA – PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment)

Questions about startup accelerator programs? PIE hosts an Q&A / AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on startup accelerator programs, startups, founders, and the startup community.

Hosted by PIE cofounder Rick Turoczy ( this Q&A session covers the types of companies that PIE accepts, expectations for participants in the program, differences between an incubator and a startup accelerator, how various startup accelerator programs differ, and other questions about startup accelerators in general.

Whether you’re interested in joining a start-up accelerator, mentoring startup-ups, or taking a more active role in the Portland, Oregon, start-up community, this will help answer your questions.

00: 09: 43 At what stage of start up is the ideal PIE candidate?
00: 15: 46 For those companies & founders that approach PIE with sensitive, not yet public IP, and a general concern over their idea falling into the wrong hands, how does PIE protect them? Is there a mutual NDA an applicant can review, or is PIE open to executing an NDA born from an applicant company prior to the company applying?
00: 18: 52 What’s PIE’s stance on founders who haven’t gone full-time on their business yet?
00: 24: 07 I read the “typical week at PIE” in the FAQ. How has the pandemic changed that? Still meeting in person? Zoom calls? Thanks!
00: 34: 42 What if I’ve been working on my idea solo and haven’t built a team yet? Will PIE help me find the folks with the skills I need to keep going?
00: 40: 16 Do all PIE participants end up seeking funding or do some stick to bootstrapping and funding themselves?
00: 43: 57 Does PIE have resources to assist such a company in attaining utility patents and trademarks with the USPTO and/or assisting with international IP efforts with the OIPC?
00: 46: 14 Does PIE accept moonshots? E.g. If I want to build a new city or flying cars.
00: 48: 36 Can you share a profile of the ideal PIE candidate and his/her/their IP?
00: 49: 59 What are the biggest PIE success stories, and how did PIE contribute to that success?
00: 57: 31 How does PIE fund itself, if it doesn’t take equity and doesn’t charge tuition?
00: 59: 04 What kind(s) of experience should the folks who are applying to PIE have?
01: 01: 23 How many companies do you accept in the Pie Consumer program?
01: 02: 48 I started a new Salesforce consulting firm in PDX late last year. As a services company, I do not believe I am a Pie candidate, but I am wondering what the best way is to get involved in the Pie ecosystem? I believe my skills can add value to companies looking to cement IT best practices as part of their growth plan.
01: 05: 34 Do you expect applicants to have logo/pitchdeck/headshots before applying?
01: 06: 45 I’m still a bit confused about the stage question. On the PIE website it says that PIE and PIE shop generally work with pre-funding and/or pre-revenue companies. It’s only PIE consumer that works with post-those. But we’re not a consumer company. Does that disqualify us?
01: 09: 44 What is the rate of companies that apply vs. companies that get accepted in the program?
01: 13: 30 Is the ideal candidate one whose business model is that of a high growth start up, or can a niche product, available for licensing, also work?
01: 16: 48 Do you accept remote startups/founders, who are planning to move to Portland/Oregon later?
01: 20: 00 Other than the time investment; how much does a typical company spend during a year at PIE (i.e. hiring IP lawyers, hiring developers, etc.)?
01: 21: 59 Is there a $$$ cost to the program or just equity?
01: 23: 18 We are based in Portland, and are growing. We are looking at taking on a partner for our business, can PIE still help us with their acceleration program?
01: 25: 47 For those that have some startup experience but are starting out with a new enterprise (don’t have a team, product, momentum yet), what would you recommend for how to be surrounded by an entrepreneurial community…during covid?
01: 27: 39 Can people from Bend join? We have a founder in the Portland area.
01: 28: 36 Can you apply to work with PIE and PIE Shop for two projects that are different yet connected?
01: 29: 59 We’ve got a SAAS Startup in the media area (Audio Hyperlinks). Can PIE help us make connections/introductions to the Portland Media market (Podcast, YouTube, radio, TV)?
01: 31: 00 When is the actual application due?
01: 34: 32 Can we apply to PIE and Y Combinator at the same time?
01: 36: 09 Besides the two events listed on Meetup, is PIE planning any other meetings? Examples: 1. Monthly pitch day to practice presentations, 2. Mentor Sessions with mentors in various segments, etc.
01: 38: 16 Does PIE Provides industry mentors? if so do you have a list of who they are?
01: 43: 13 Will PIE be in-Person or Zoom??

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