Stop Sales Funnel Hacking! 5 BIG Funnel Mistakes You MUST Avoid

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Funnel ‘Hacking’ is a powerful technique if you do it the right way. Before you start building your next funnel based upon your competitor or industry leaders, you need know the traps to avoid so you funnel is actually profitable.
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Table of Contents:
0: 00 – Intro
0: 21 – Definition
0: 46 – Audience.hack
1: 45 – Copy.hack
3: 43 – Niche.hack
5: 06 – Work.hack
6: 57 – Unique.hack
9: 18 – Outro

Stop Sales Funnel Hacking! 5 BIG Funnel Mistakes You MUST Avoid

What is Funnel Hacking and Why Funnel Hacking Doesn’t Work

Do you want to get quality traffic to your website? Thinking of how you can use funnel hacking to build the perfect sales funnel? Planning to know how to duplicate sales funnel that are working on other businesses? Is funnel hacking good?

If you do, as a sales funnel hacker, you will need to think about your online sales funnel, as well as using growth hacking tactics.

There are so many different kinds of funnels out there that you may not know which one to hack or what sales funnel hacking to make with your own funnel.

In this sales funnel hacking video we need to talk about the problem with “funnel hacking” and what you need to know before you try and hack someone elses funnels.

Funnel Hacking is a term which refers to the process of examining the online sales funnels used by your competitors and applying other’s converting sales funnel strategy.

When you are building your business online and trying to market and sell a product or service, or maybe build a list, you should always try to learn what people who are already successful in your niche, are doing.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the importance of maximizing exposure to both current and prospective customers. The big money question is, of course, how? And the answer is right in front of us: Replicating best practices is a smart way to get your funnel flowing.

The first thing you need to do is understand who your competitors are. They may not be direct competitors, but they should be selling the same type of product or service as you are.

Funnel hacking is NOT a starting point, it’s a growing point. This means that we you do your funnel hacking strategy, you should do your own customer research, and build your funnel before knowing how to hack other’s sales funnel strategy. Crafting marketing and sales techniques is more about being unique and different than better.

You don’t want your copy and process to be tainted by someone else’s elses voice so you won’t be able to retain your personal voice.

Yes, you do run the risk of being wrong when you make your own sales funnel and not starting to sales funnel hacking, but that’s just a part of testing and optimizing your funnels.

Be yourself and do your own way before trying to use funnel hack. Stop using shady funnel tactics.

It is important for your sales strategy to be original. If you copy another brand you miss the mark with your target audience.

If you take ideas from a business with limited data it will lead you to ineffective marketing strategies.

This will hopefully give you useful information on the funnel hacking process and how funnel marketing hacking can hurt you instead. Try the effective sales funnel strategy on my other videos and start building up your funnel.

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