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Subscription Metrics vs Financial Reporting?
It is clear as water…
Financial reporting is needed for multiple reasons but will always allow you to see retroactively how things turned out… 😕
And Subscription metrics will allow you to look into the future… 🔮
But what happens when you combine these two types of reporting?
Growth happens 🌱 🪴 🌳

Dig into the details on metrics such as CMRR, EMRR, LTV, and Net Retention with our webinar about Subscription Metrics for B2B SaaS. Find out how subscription management software can help you understand those, get accurate data and move from Excel sheets into automation.

What metrics do you want to tackle? Let us know!

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About Younium:
Younium is the tool that integrates into your existing systems to streamline subscription management, invoicing/billing, financial reporting, and data insights. Now your growing business can have full control of subscriptions, more easily implement scalable processes, and harness more accurate metrics – meaning you spend less time on manual administration and never miss an opportunity to secure revenue.

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