SUPER simple Facebook ads funnel – Facebook ads tutorial #shorts #facebookadstutorial

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SUPER simple Facebook ads funnel – Facebook ads tutorial

This here is the super simple Facebook ads funnel that I use to generate leads. I mean, it’s super basic. What I basically use is a basic cold interest.

So I’ll look at the things that my audience are interested in, or I think they’re interested in, and I’ll create a load of videos, kind of about this kind of length 15 seconds, two minutes, five minutes.

I vary it, talking about different topics and I’ll pump that out towards them for like a dollar a day and anyone who watches 50% of those videos will then be shown a really basic image and a text-based kind of post that will direct them through to a call to action on a landing page or a squeeze page that I’ve talked about on another short video.

So, cold interests with videos through to a really basic image and text-based post through to the squeeze page.

That’s my favorite super-simple Facebook ads funnel.

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