Tai Lopez DSMC Course Review | Digital Social Media Consulting Course Review.

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Hey Guys, My course review on DSMC is finally here, I watched some of the lessons in his new Digital social media course and put my thoughts here in this video. I hope you guys enjoy it thanks!
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First of all It is SUPER Short.
Right away, this could have been better use as free content to engage with tai Lopez’s audience. 16 video lessons I believe with no sign of new content to be updated anytime soon.
It seems like a quick sandwiched up course. The advertisements really hyped it up. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price.
The first few lessons are pretty informative on business setup and how the business/ industry works but then quickly dips when we get introduced to something called a Super App that dose what may we based tools do to automate marketing systems. Like CTR, txt messaging marketing, voice calls, voice mail marketing, Email marketing. Excetera. It’s an app that dose it all for a monthly subscription. Here it is check it out. Your welcome, I saved you $497 just to find this out.


Other than that in the course like I said it really dipped and this business is terribly explained and formed in a course lecture. Poopy rating in my opinion. I’m sorry for those who bought it and don’t really understand what the heck is going on.

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Thank You for your valuable time and have a great day! Go out there and make that money

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