Taming the Marketing Funnel and How to Integrate Your Marketing

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Taming the Marketing Funnel and How to Integrate Your Marketing
Developing and deploying an effective marketing strategy depends upon not only an understanding of each marketing mode but also how to integrate them. Similar to conducting an orchestra it is the use and pairing of the right instruments at the right time that makes the best music for specific audiences. An agile approach to strategy, practice, and iteration will help you optimize the outcome and create a steady stream of opportunity.

Whether you are entering a new market or looking to level up your marketing return, understanding the marketing funnel is essential. Developing the optimal integrated approach to your marketing will not only help you convert more prospects to customers but will also cost you less money and time.

Join us for this webinar where we’ll discuss how to leverage your marketing investment through integration and address topics such as:

Getting started

The marketing funnel

A case study

How to integrate your marketing

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Noon – 1 PM EDT (Eastern USA time)
Location: Live webinar

Most important though, we want to answer your questions so please make sure that you come with a few.

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