The 13 Lenses: a Full-Funnel Word Optimization Methodology | Marketing Funnel

Are you killing your marketing funnel time and time again with sub-par messaging?

Or losing the focus of potential customers straight from the get-go with lack-lustre copy, unsuccessful email drip campaigns, and boring landing pages that don’t convert?

(Probably, right?)

Your marketing decisions should always be backed by strategy, and so should your copy and content. They should marry an understanding of full-funnel marketing, psychology, UX/UI and writing best practices. But it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

In this video, TCC’s CEO Konrad Sanders lays all of his secret cards on the table, and reveal the ultimate methodology to sharpening your copy into strategy-backed focus using ‘The 13 Lenses’.

And the 13 Lenses are:

0: 00 Introduction: What is the ’13 Lenses’ Methodology?
2: 30 The Goldfish Lens
6: 32 The Context Lens
10: 21 The Intrigue Lens
15: 25 The ‘Outside-In’ Lens
19: 45 The Zig-Zag Lens
25: 51 The Action Lens
33: 16 The Real-Talk Lens
35: 41 The Primal Brain Lens
39: 05 The SEO Lens
41: 34 The Hierarchy Lens
44: 10 The Brand Lens
45: 22 The Value Lens
46: 28 The Creative Spark Lens

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