The $5 A Day Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel To Fill Your Email List

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The $5 A Day Facebook Ad’s sales funnel to fill your email list.

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The $5 A Day Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel: Today, we create a Facebook Advertising Sales funnel in an effort to collect email address from our audience. Emails are a great property to own for your business as they are yours and it’s an instant access to your potential customers.

When leveraging Facebook advertising lead generation, you must consider your audience and what they want. What can you create that will solve one of their problems. If you’re a fitness coach, give your audience an eBook on how to lose weight without cutting down on your diet. This sounds like click bait, but can easily be translated into a nice video.

We also recommend watching this Facebook advertising guide and putting a twist on it with your own style. Maybe instead of a video use a photo or something along those lines. You can also use a different objective like lead generation rather than just using the traffic objective.

The funnel looks like this:

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The process is called a sales funnel for a reason and can be used to get more leads into your email box all day.

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