The 5 Keys to Scale Your Real Estate Portfolio to $1,000,000+

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Scaling your real estate portfolio can seem like a challenge to someone who is just starting. In reality, once you have five key roles in place, you can scale faster and start acquiring more and more properties.

Maybe you’re looking to scale into large multifamily properties, commercial properties, self-storage units, or mobile home parks. Or maybe you’re just going to buy 1,000 single-family homes. Whatever your strategy, you will need a lead generator, underwriter, money raiser, asset manager, and financer/bookkeeper on your team. You may start out doing many of these roles when you buy your first few properties, but as you scale, you’ll need to fill these roles with more fitting individuals.

Maybe you want to get more experience before you start buying properties. Great! Join someone else’s team and think about how you can be the BEST in the role that you’ve been appointed to.

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