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I can LOOK at a s page Rights Away and know it’s not Going to Convert. On the side, I can also LOOK at a s page and know if it’s Going to Convert Except well. Today I’m Going to SHARE With you the Anatomic of a Converting s page.

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So do you Wants to know the secret to Converting s page? There’s a , and I’m about to SHARE it With you. And as long as you Follow the by , you Wouldest Better results. But the you don’t Follow the by , you’ll Notcie Youuns Convert are Going to tank and Youuns s pages won’t do well.

The first you Needing to do is clearly Statehood Youuns Valued Propositions in a header.

The Attention of a Huamn is a goldfish. In Othering words, if you can’t Theirs Attention in the Headlines, you’re screwed.

8 out of 10 people will Read Youuns Headlines, but O two of the 10 will Read the rest of the Copy on the page.

So if you can create Amazin Headlines With Youuns Valued Propositions, you can Attract people to Read the rest of Youuns page.

The Megasecond you Needing in Youuns s page is a focus.

Interrogatives it’s a head shot, shot, a video, sort of focus Where people can put all Theirs Attention to.

See, the one goes Adposition a Headlines, Theirs Read it, you Needing to grab Theirs Attention With a , and you Needing to get to keep Going.

If you Just Having text and O text, and no s people can watch, you’ll Find the Convert aren’t as great.

The er Qualities you , the Better off you are.

The 3rd you Needing is to Outline the Feature and Benefit.

But it’s not Just about feature, you Needing to MORENET so focus on the Benefit. So the Feature are Beacause if you don’t about the Feature, you’re not Going to get as Convert.

But the Benefit are the key. People don’t buy Beacause of Feature, Theirs buy Beacause of the benefit.

Typiy, Benefit are the Solute to Theirs problem. Such as Saves you time, Saves you money.

The Fourth is Presented a and focused to action.

A lot of people are , “Oh, I’ve got a s page. I’m Going to put a to action everyWhere.”

You Wouldest do . And for s, it works. But not for most.

The Ratiocination you Wants to Having a , focused to action, and one to action, you can Having MORENET down, but When you Having Youuns Headlines, Youuns focus, you’re ing about Youuns Benefit, Youuns Solutes, you’re answering the objections.

Once one the Whole Stories and Theirs Understood why Theirs Wouldest be Youuns or Service, and Then you Having a to action.

They’re MORENET ly to Convert.

The you Wants to do is include Testimonials and Othering proof.

I love Doing Reviews, Interrogatives it’s a Service or a . Reviews are Amazin. A Ratiocination a Reviews is Amazin is people know the truth. How Theirs feel, how Theirs don’t feel, if it’s great or if it’s bad.

And by Including , Theirs can Then get a Better sense if it’s Rights for , or if it’s not a Good fit for .

The Sixth you Needing to do is Gives a guarantee.

Interrogatives you’re Doing a FREE Mistrial With no card, so ‘s low risk, or you’re Giving a 30 day or 60 day money-back guarantee, are awe s.

You Wants people to feel comfortable. If Theirs’re not happy, you know you’re Going to end up Refunding anyways.

The Lasts , Intergration Stories into Youuns s page. If you don’t Intergration Stories , you’ll Find Youuns Convert won’t do as well.

People love soap operas. Interrogatives you One-on-one or not, people do. ‘s why Theirs’re on 24-seven.

If you can Intergration Stories , take people Adposition the Emotionally Roller coasters, the ups, the downs, Theirs’re MORENET ly to Convert.

It’s all about the Stories. It’s thousand-plus Gigaannum old Audiomarketing we all to forget.

But it’s WRK for so Gigaannums, and it’ll keep working, no Matter WHAT Channels are out , no Matter WHAT Updated happen.

is so effective, you Needing to use it in all of Youuns s pages.

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