The Best Email Marketing Software For ClickFunnels (2019) | [ClickFunnels Email Tutorial]

Looking for the Best Email Marketing Software For ClickFunnels In 2019? Watch This Entire Video, And Then Grab Your ActiveCampaign Free Trial Account Here: n

When it comes to ClickFunnels and Email Marketing Software, there are a lot of options… But, how do you know which one is right for you?

Well, let me make this simple for you… There is Only ONE Email Marketing Software that is best for ClickFunnels.

I’m not only going to tell you what it is in the video, but I’m also going to show you how to do some serious Ninja Stuff with the Email Automation Software For ClickFunnels!


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After graduating from college, JelaniTheMarketer was lost. He had a strong desire to do something BIG, but after a failed mentally abusive relationship and depression that seemed like it would last forever, he almost gave up. After daily talks with his friends and family, JelaniTheMarketer finally tried something new and exciting…Internet Marketing. He quit his 9-5 after finding success with Dropshipping.

He felt a new sense of life, making money online and feeling unstoppable…However, after spending thousands of dollars on clothes and vacations, he ran out of money…Instead of investing the money he made from his new found wealth, he irresponsibly spent the money on things that didn’t make him money…

This is where he realized that if he wanted to actually make this “Internet thing” work, he had to make wise decisions.

JelaniTheMarketer needed money and he needed money fast so he started working at ClickFunnels. He worked his way up to the VIP Support team helping high-level clients like Grant Cardone, Peng Joon, Dan Lok, and many many others.

While working at ClickFunnels he was able to understand how people are REALLY making money online by selling things through sales funnels. After working for Russell Brunson and helping High-Level Clients, JelaniTheMarketer now owns a six-figure business helping people from all over the world.

If you want to learn the best current tricks and techniques that marketers are using today, then subscribe to his channel now.

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This video is about The Best Email Marketing Software For ClickFunnels In 2019

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