The Big Takeaways For Digital Agencies From Highlevel’s LevelUp Day | Office Hours with Mike Cooch

These are open Q&A calls with and founder Mike Cooch to answer any questions you may have or help you get un-stuck in building your business.

These are pure Q&A calls…here is what we covered:

In this call, we spent a lot of time discussing the big announcements from Highlevel (GoHighLevel) at their LevelUp Day – of which there were many.

How do these announcements impact the Digital Agency community? What new opportunities are created for Highlevel users?


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00: 03: 07 How I use my iPhone as a webcam for these calls. The new microphones and lights I just bought to upgrade my tech.
00: 06: 14 HighLevel Level Up Day recap (Including major announcements)
00: 14: 10 The importance of getting client onboarding down to a science
00: 17: 35 Activation – the number one factor in getting clients to stick around long-term.
00: 19: 52 The first 30 days in the life of a Digital Agency customer determines your long-term success with them
00: 21: 41 How to get scalability in your onboarding process
00: 29: 18 Using Gloria Foods to sell to and service restaurants with Digital Menus and other digital marketing agency services
00: 32: 49 How to calculate gross margins, why they are so critical, and why you can’t settle for anything less than a 50% gross margin (and that’s most likely just enough to keep your business on life support)
00: 39: 29 Differentiate yourself in the small business community through content (Ex. YouTube Shorts, Instagram, Tiktok)
00: 43: 34 Pick your niche within the restaurant space. Are you an experience/image-based restaurant, or are you more price point-focused?
00: 46: 32 Do you recommend using GoHighLevel funnel builder versus website builder?
00: 48: 02 Should I be a full-service digital agency or a productized services, lower price points, not custom, recurring revenue?
00: 52: 42 If you’re selling a lower price point service – like Highlevel SaaS, how do you have the budget to run ads to scale quickly?
00: 55: 29 After HighLevel Level Up Day, can we use GoHighLevel for email newsletters now?
00: 57: 34 Instagram update: All video formats are consolidated into one videos channel on their platform
00: 59: 26 What is an RSS feed and how does it fit into the marketing program?
01: 03: 57 Level Up Day additional recap: GoHighLevel is rolling out a new SMS platform. No need to use Twilio anymore.
01: 05: 39 Update on Pinterest’s new video format
01: 06: 34 Selling SaaS and how to model adding to your client base every month with automated services to scale up to 5 figures a month quickly.
01: 13: 51 Are there any other credit card companies that integrate with GoHighLevel?
01: 15: 58 What are you most excited about amongst all the Highlevel updates?
01: 19: 46 How does HighLevel new SMS work?
01: 21: 31 When doing content for marketing, how do you get customers on these different social media platforms when they have no interest in being active on them?
01: 24: 46 When focusing on one marketing system or product, would you recommend Reputation Management as a good service in Highlevel or do you suggest something else?


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