The Business of Strategic Sponsorship

Sheila Farragher-Gemma is the President of FarGem Corp and owner of Connected Sponsor, a sales and marketing company that helps clients maximize sponsorship opportunities through creative lead generation. She is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits in real estate, child services, office supplies, and networking. We talk about finding and managing strategic sponsors, the profitable sale of a business, and why companies fail to attract and retain strategic sponsors and partners.

[00:44] Sheila’s journey into entrepreneurship
[02:25] How companies developed thriving work-from-home strategies pre-Covid
[03:28] What is a Lean Startup?
[04:10] How Sheila successfully built, scaled, and profitably sold multiple businesses
[07:10] Strategic partnerships and leveraging opportunities through Connected Sponsors
[08:32] How strategic partnerships can help leverage business growth
[10:49] Understanding the benefits of strategic sponsorships
[15:15] How to create win-win strategic partnerships
[16:12] Sheila’s experience with management blueprints
[18:05] Sheila’s go-to software when creating leads and sales funnels
[18:05] Why online entrepreneurs should use ClickFunnels
[19:30] Everything you need to know about ClickFunnels
[21:03] How to profitably sell your business
[24:40] Reasons why companies fail to attract and retain strategic sponsors and partners
[26:29] Creative sponsorship and partnership packages for your business

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