The Complete Sales Funnel Course for Beginners – How to increase revenue with sales funnels

The complete sales funnel course for beginners: how to structure and design sales funnels to increase sales and revenue.

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During this video (sales funnel course), we start by learning more about what sales funnels are and the different types. Then we will go deep into each type, how we should use them, where we should use them and etc.

Finally, we will learn more about the winning offer and how to reverse engineer successful funnels out there in the market.

Introduction: 0: 00
What sales funnels are: 0: 48
Funnel types: 6: 02
Squeeze page funnel: 15: 32
Application funnel: 31: 01
Tripwire funnel: 34: 53
Sales letter: 44: 41
PLF – Product launch funnel: 49: 19
Webinar funnel: 53: 21
Auto webinar funnel: 58: 19
Winning offer: 1: 03: 47
Reverse engineer: 1: 10: 43

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