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If you’ve ever studied marketing theory, or even if you only know the basics, you’ll have heard about this thing called the “sales funnel.” It’s one of those marketing concepts that’s pretty handy for business owners to know about. Check out more The Journey content at .

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And while it may seem like something contained within the pages of a dusty old textbook, the concept of a digital sales funnel remains equally as relevant in today’s modern marketing practices. In its simplest form, a sales funnel consists of the following four stages:

In a digital sales funnel, the awareness is done solely online. Social media is big at this beginning stage. It’s where people go to discover new things and gather recommendations. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are popular for this, which is why it’s essential for your brand to build visibility here.

Consumer behaviors vary in this phase of this digital sales funnel. They may jump between different platforms to compare similar brands, which is why it’s crucial to have mentions of your offering in a variety of different places. Look beyond your own website or social media profiles and find online communities that tie in with your target audience.

With ecommerce on the rise, many brands can benefit from a website that enables a simplified checkout process. Evolving technology has made the online checkout process progressively simpler. And it’s worth exploring if it means creating a smoother, more convenient experience for your customers.

One way to gain loyalty is to capitalize on the warm fuzzy feelings a satisfied customer feels after they make a purchase. There’s no better feeling than the post-purchase glow of a happy customer.

When asking for customer feedback, seek out customers that are happy with the product and the sales process. You can ask them to leave a review or even to do a testimonial video if you’ve knocked it out the park.

Just because things have gone digital, doesn’t mean you have to work any less to prove your worth to customers. The stages from the traditional sales funnel remain the same and the age-old concepts have not changed. Remember, keeping your customers engaged with offerings they love increases your chances of building (and remaining) a successful business.

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