The E-Commerce Drop: What is happening, what it means and how to cope

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Join our interactive webinar to discuss data and strategies surrounding the downward trend of e-commerce in 2022. Meet our speakers Nils Zündorf (Managing Director @ FACTOR-A/DEPT®) and Kevin Veenman (Head of Marketplaces @ DEPT®) talking about:

– Current Amazon and e-commerce trends
– How to increase your media efficiency
– How to react on market trends faster
– How to unlock new blocked potential

The events of the past few years have changed the way we shop and spend. As shops are open again and purse strings tighten, we are seeing a decline in online spending for the first time in ages. However, while this drop in e-commerce is concerning, it is not yet time to panic.

On a macro level, it may appear that e-commerce has come to a shrieking halt, but when you zoom in, the picture looks completely different. Certain categories and markets are actually excelling more than ever, which offers the hope that, with the right approach, this decreasing trend does not have to take your business down with it.

The approach? You need to bring data, technology and creativity on a new level in order to survive. The right move now can mean not only to secure your market share but increase your traffic and even rise sales. So where do we start?

Join FACTOR-A/DEPT® Managing Director Nils Zündorf and DEPT® Head of Marketplaces Kevin Veenman as they discuss the current status of the e-commerce drop on the macro and micro level, with a special focus on how Amazon is affected and how Amazon can affect your business. This interactive webinar will also offer you the opportunity to discuss with the hosts, so bring your most pressing questions, concerns and comments and gain the information you need for success.

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09: 22 Discussion
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