The Five Stages of the Perfect Marketing Funnel⭐(Marketing Funnel Stages Explained!)

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The Five Stages of the Perfect Marketing Funnel: (0: 00)

Welcome back everybody! In the last video, we talked about how not having a marketing funnel is going to lose you money and why it’s so important to have one. And in this video I want to simplify what a marketing funnel is, so you can easily build one yourself to generate leads and sales online! By the end of this video I’m also going to be sharing with you a powerful concept that will allow you to charge more money for your products and services – no matter what business you are in.

What is the key to a successful funnel? For any experience you create for your customer, the key to building powerful funnels is to put yourself in their shoes and understand what they need to hear. A funnel is really just a collection of pages and links and information. But when you put them together in the right order you can create a powerful customer journey -that will nurture prospects into customers.

Step 1: Awareness: (3: 32)

In the last video we talked about the concept of ‘AIDA’ which stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action, and I want to dive into this formula more to understand what we have to do at each of the steps. This is where Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, Bottom of Funnel comes in. Top of Funnel is Awareness, Middle of Funnel is Interest and Desire, Bottom of Funnel is Action and Sales. Awareness is the most important step, because if you think about it, you could have the best product in the market but if your customer doesn’t know you exist, then it really doesn’t matter. This is why large companies spend millions of dollars on advertising.

Step 2: Interest: (4: 50)

At this stage your prospect becomes curious and takes action to learn more about what you have to offer. This could be clicking on a link on your landing page, or giving their email address. In this stage your prospect learns more about you or your business specifically.

Step 3: Desire: (5: 41)

At this stage your prospect becomes emotionally invested in your message. Copywriting, story telling, and relating to your customer are important in this stage, and creating an emotional meaning for your product or service in their mind is essential.

Step 4: Action: (7: 26)

At this stage your prospect is aware of your business, knows about the potential benefits, and may be ready to make a buying decision. However, often they may need a final push.
There are 2 keys in this step:
1. Have a great offer. The goal is to make what you’re offering have a higher perceived value than what money you are asking for. Example: In a marketing funnel for a digital course product, this final push can sometimes happen by providing an offer stack – something we will talk about in future videos. This adds extra bonuses and incentives to make it an irresistible offer.
2. Have a clear call to action.

Step 5: Follow up: (10: 05)

At this stage your prospect is a customer, but you may have heard the term warm and cold leads. And someone who has already purchased from you will be likely to buy from you again, as long as they have a good experience.

The Value Ladder: (12: 09)
The value ladder is a powerful concept that will allow you to charge lots more for your products and matter what business you are in. You can also think of it as your business plan.

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