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Google Analytics does a good task of showing you how individuals utilize your site they have great deals of reports on things like most popular material, time on website, demographics, which type of thing. However for real direct response marketing, Google Analytics has severe issues and limitations. If you have an interest in the type of data pointed out above, by all means go on and use Google Analytics.

Here’s simply a handful of reasons … Google Analytics makes it very hard if not impossible to track and enhance ALL of your different advertising. With ClickMagick you can do all of it in one place, saving lots of time and hassle. Lots of Google advertisers find they’re charged for clicks they didn’t in fact receive.

Many people find Google Analytics to be pretty user-UNfriendly and a real pain to utilize typically needing to dig through many, many levels of menus and set up complex filters to get to the data you wish to see. With ClickMagick, all the information you require to optimize your organisation is simply a click or 2 away.

Even even worse, if you get a lot of clicks, Google “samples” your information when you run reports which indicates you’re not getting truly precise reports. With ClickMagick, all of your stats and reports are real-time and 100% accurate. ClickMagick offers dozens of profit-boosting features you just can’t obtain from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics does not supply much assistance when you run into issues or need assistance. To be sincere, you’ll be fortunate to get anything besides a generic template reply a day or 2 later on. On the other hand, here at ClickMagick we’re understood for our fanatical live chat and client assistance.

Utilize it if you want to find out more about how people are utilizing your site, but when it concerns tracking your paid ads and just about whatever else, you’ll definitely wish to utilize a tracking system developed by and for direct action marketers, like ClickMagick.

ClickMagick is a tracking app focused on tracking clicks in genuine time. When you wish to publish a link in an ad, on social networks, or in a visitor post or other kind of inbound marketing, you can run that link through ClickMagick initially. When you do, it develops a ClickMagick tracking link for you.

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