The Lead-Gen Playbook Webinar 2: “Calendars – Scheduled Success”

🎙Companies receive leads from marketing agencies all the time. And guess what? A lot of the time nothing happens. 🦗

Why? Because many businesses don’t have the tools and procedures in place to close on those leads. With HighLevel’s calendars and online scheduling, you can start delivering bookings instead of just leads! Give your clients more business served up on a silver platter 🍽🙌

In this webinar, we’ll be covering:
🦾 The importance of online scheduling
🦾 Basic Calendars
🦾 Team & Service Calendars
🦾 Personalized Booking Pages

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0: 00 Intro
1: 32 What Is Online Scheduling?
2: 13 Why Is Online Scheduling Important?
6: 48 Basic Calendars
22: 10 Team Calendars
32: 50 Calendar Viewing
35: 36 What Happens Next

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