The Marketing Consultant’s #1 Most Important Sales Funnel Step Revealed

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When learning how to start a marketing agency or growing your agency, this 1 funnel step is the MOST IMPORTANT.

This video is designed to fill the necessary marketing and sales funnel step in my ultimate guide to becoming a marketing consultant post here:

Thinking about growing your agency, there are a series of steps a user must take in order to actually become a client of yours.

Having a super clear path for people who don’t know who you are to learn about you, to experience your help and to get excited about working with you is key to your ultimate success.

Now, if you are at the point where you are wanting to start your digital marketing agency but don’t know how, start with this video:

Tim Conley and I break down the process of starting an agency in a super clear way.

He shares insights on this topic, too, here:

You will also get a ton of value from my 3 part ‘Arbitrage Marketing’ series where I taught how I started and grew a marketing agency from scratch to over $10k/mo

This 3 video playlist above goes DEEP into everything you need to know in order to start earning income by selling digital marketing services, fast.

Regardless where you are in the process of growing your agency, the customer acquisition component is the most important key.

To learn how to sell digital marketing services watch this video:

Reverse engineering this customer flow is key.

After analyzing my relationships with dozens of clients it became clear there was ONE KEY STEP in my funnel that every client went through.

This is exactly what we cover in this video here… The one funnel step that ultimately resulted in all of the deals for me.

Once you identify this kind of a funnel step, you know to build marketing funnels around them to bring individuals towards this step with less effort and time.

This is the process of optimizing your funnel for an agency, which is the same sort of process you’d take for an affiliate business or a membership site.

Once you’ve identified the key funnel step, you want to be sure all of your content and marketing (whether that is in person through MeetUp groups or YouTube or a blog) is guiding people to this path.

My friend Dave Wooding with IntegratePro is my example of this and if you visit his site at you’ll see what I mean regarding this funnel step…

I explained this all in the video too…

Then for an example of the type of POWERFUL free content that a consultant can make to garner attention, check out Dave’s mega-video on how to start a membership program:

And now think about the user flow through his marketing funnel…

The user is browsing around YouTube trying to figure out how to start their membership site…

They find Dave’s site and start watching… They get hit with this feeling of…

“Wow, this guy is ACTUALLY teaching how to do it… Jeez, everyone else only PITCHED me in their videos… he’s the real deal.”

Some people just follow along and Dave earns affiliate income when they buy through his links following his tutorial.

Other people will find his site and go into his funnel, encountering this exact funnel step for consultants that I outlined in this video here…

And then they are even closer to becoming a $2k – $10k+ client for Dave…

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