The Marketing Funnel Explained (the Best Way) & Actionable Strategies for Every Stage

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What is the marketing funnel? How is the marketing funnel defined and where did it get its name?

The Marketing Funnel is a fundamental concept to marketers everywhere and outlines the journey in which a customer takes before purchasing a product. This video outlines all of the phases of the marketing funnel from both the consumer and marketer’s viewpoint.

Additionally, this video also talks about actionable strategies you can implement at every stage of the marketing funnel that I personally have used for my clients that have spent millions of dollars in ad spend.

Video Summary
00: 00 Introd to Channel & Video
02: 14 The Awareness Stage
04: 34 Awareness Stage Tactics
05: 10 The Consideration Stage
07: 01 Consideration Stage Tactics
07: 24 The Conversion Stage
08: 56 Conversion Stage Tactics
10: 48 Advocacy & Loyalty
11: 41 Final Notes

Channel Description

The marketing and advertising industry is fun, exciting, and powerful, but it can also be toxic, stressful, and deeply complicated.

As a former nursing student and now a senior advertising manager at one of the top agencies in the USA, getting to where I am today wasn’t easy. I struggled, I hustled, and I had so many questions that I wish were answered sooner.

Now I’m here for any marketer at any stage in their career to give them the resources they need to be successful.

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