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We’ve all heard about the marketing funnel and how it works. However, in this episode, we will learn what is marketing funnel vs. the flywheel?

In this week’s The Faces of Business Episode, our guest speaker was Dave Meyer. Dave is the President and Owner at Bizzy Web LLC which is a growth agency helping biz owners, marketers, and sales teams generating leads and buzz online. Dave founded Bizzy Web before digital marketing was really even a topic.

The conversation started with Damon introducing Dave. After this, Dave shared how he got into digital marketing. He said that in 1996 he was working for the state department. At this time the department asked him to build a website.

Although Dave had no knowledge about it this time, he took a few classes and built a website. From this point on, he built multiple websites and in 1999 started his own company. Moving on, Dave talked about his experience at Google. He said that he learned a lot at Google.

During the Google My Business initiative, they taught people about various things including how to use Google Analytics and other features like SEO, etc. After this Dave shifted the conversation towards the marketing funnel vs. the flywheel.

Talking about the marketing funnel vs. the flywheel, Dave said that before it was only the funnel and what people did was like standing in the street with a bullhorn shouting to buy their products. In addition to this, he said that this way you only wish a few people will buy into this technique.

Furthermore, Dave also said that when it comes to the funnel, people kind of shoot the water from the top but it instantly flows from the bottom. This is why Dave also tells his customer about the flywheel.

In this technique, he said that whatever you do, you should not attract, engage, or convert those customers. But you should be awesome enough that your customers themselves, recommend you, refer you to their friends, or rank you so your ranking on google gets better as well.

Talking more about the marketing funnel vs. the flywheel Dave said that using the flywheel method you can get your customers to turn the mass of the flywheel. Moreover, this way your customers are proactively pushing you. This way it creates a self-perpetuating virtuous cycle according to Dave.

By the end, Dave talked a bit more about the flywheel in detail. The conversation ended with Damon thanking Dave for his presence.

Our Guest:
Dave Meyer

Dave Meyer is the President and Owner at Bizzy Web LLC. Bizz Web is a growth agency, helping biz owners and marketers, and sales teams generating leads, sales, and buzz online. Before this Dave worked at Google for almost 4 years.

At Google, he worked as a national speaker for Google’s “get your business online program” and a speaker at Grow with Google. Before this, he was also a HubSpot Certified Trainer. He was also an Area Local Expert (ALE) and Master Certified Platinum Provider at Constant Contact.

Apart from this, Dave holds a number of other experiences in multiple other fields. As for his education, Dave has an MBA in Venture Management from the University of Saint Thomas and a BS in Journalism from the same institute.

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