The Metaverse for Business – John Beaman – Elevare Club

The Metaverse for Business with John Beaman of the Elevare Club.

John not only has a undergraduate degree and an MBA, but he is also certified in something called “Digital Transformation”. What that means is he can help small business owners digitize their business, moving from the analog world of paper documents and wet signatures, into the digital world of websites, computerization, machine learning, and having a presence in the Metaverse.

His business, Elevare Club, specifically helps SMB’s build out their backend processes and take many of the operational tasks of the owner’s plate. They help with putting together a business plan, a marketing strategy, and hone in on their product-market fit.

In this episode we cover the Elevare Club, the Metaverse, digital transformation, digital real estate, NFT’s and more!

0: 00 – Intro
2: 45 – John’s Education
6: 45 – Wisconsin to Texas
11: 40 – What is the Elevare Club
14: 20 – Enter the Metaverse
22: 06 – Real World Application
27: 45 – Digital Real Estate
32: 38 – Blockchain, Tokens & NFT’s
41: 14 – The Future of Elevare Club
43: 22 – Closing Thoughts

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