The Missing Step in Your 5 Figure Marketing Funnel

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Let me be very clear… all this talk about 5, 6, 7 figure funnels is driving me nuts. They all had to start somewhere right.

Lets explore the missing steps in your 5 figure marketing funnel.

So even if you have a 3 figure funnel you can improve it to get to the number of figures you’d like to get it to.

If you first don’t succeed, try try again…

I’ll go through a very simple way to improve any funnel with an added step most marketers don’t talk about. Not because they are trying to keep you from getting to your goals… its just that it take a little bit of effort to implement and is a bit “out of the box”

I’ve implemented this in my own funnel and have done it for my clients and have seen a 25% – 50% increase in revenue from the funnel.

Imagine leaving that amount of money on the table.. Crazy Right…

Have a watch and make a comment below.

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Tom Jackobs ( is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in an ever evolving world. Tom owns several businesses where he struggled for many years until he realized he didn’t know everything and got some help.

Tom shares his experience in Theatre with his Dramatic Impact Story Academy. Which is an online sales training course. His P3 Method moves Presentations to Performances for Profit.

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