The Sales Funnel – Your Complete Guide For 2021

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Much like a real world-funnel where we pour water into the top of it, which filters down to an end destination, the sales funnel is much the same. At the top, a lot of visitors who arrive may enter the funnel. But there’s one key difference, unlike the funnel you and I are accustom, not all who enter the sales funnel will come out from the other end. Let’s find out how you can ensure a seamless journey to top to bottom for your customers!

0: 00 Intro
0: 29 A Sales Funnel Basics
1: 28 Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action
3: 10 Analysing the Audience Behaviour
3: 39 Capturing Attention
4: 06 Building a Landing Page
4: 30 Creating an Email Campaign
4: 54 Staying in Touch
5: 40 Finding Cracks in Your Sales Funnel
6: 29 Outro

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