The Social Media Marketing Funnel Formula That ACTUALLY Works

Is your social media posting actually working for you? I am breaking down how to create a successful funnel that will actually bring you leads and set you on a path for growth.

// T I M E C O D E S
0: 00 – The Social Media Marketing Funnel Formula That ACTUALLY Works (Intro)
0: 31 – Two things you need before getting started on your funnel
1: 54 – The top level of your sales funnel
2: 40 – The middle level of your sales funnel
3: 18 – The bottom level of your sales funnel
4: 15 – The content you need through your sales funnel
8: 58 – How much content to make for your sales funnel

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Welcome to my channel where I am going to help you grow your business with better content marketing!

My name is Desiree Martinez and I am an energetic video creator, social media consultant, and speaker about video and content marketing. I am is known for my step-by-step plans to help businesses, brands, and solopreneurs take actionable steps towards successful content marketing to grow their business.

My credentials include being a Social Media Examiner contributor, founder of Social Media Day Phoenix (which has been officially proclaimed a day in the State of Arizona), former Social Media Producer for CBS-5 Phoenix, hostess of the Women of Youtube Podcast, Youtuber, and award-winning social media manager.

I am also a mom to two rambunctious kids, wife to an Air Force Veteran, tea addict, Slytherin, and pedicure junkie.

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