The strategy of marketing funnels by VBOUT

June Meetup is all about marketing funnels.

In this event, you will learn:

1. The strategy of funnels; How to craft marketing funnels
In order to build successful funnels, you need to identify first your customer journey’s stage. (Awareness | Interest | Desire | Action)
– Have a solid offer, take on inventory and track KPIs that matter

2. The different types of marketing funnels
Identifying the needed materials needed to construct each funnel (Ad, landing pages, thank you pages, automated messages such as emails, SMS and browser push notifications, calendar pages, building conversion goals, etc…)

– Private consultation funnel (The essential components and materials needed to create this funnel)
– Webinar funnel (the needed resources to craft this funnel)
– Video email funnel (Identifying the channels through which to drive visits to the target page)
– SaaS funnel (The needed assets to create the flow from scratch and move leads from awareness to conversion)
– Ecommerce funnel (how to drive shoppers from awareness all the way to purchase and loyalty)

3. Bonus: Ad rotation strategy
– Set up your pixels right
– Group campaigns properly
– Tag links properly with UTMs
– Don’t quit too early: 2x CAC
– Rotate ads

4- Difference between cold retargeting and warm retargeting

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